Sponsoring Musical Theatre in Redhill

Curtis have been involved with YESPA since 2019 and the groups production of Urinetown at the Harlequin Theatre.

YESPA is a youth musical theatre group for 8 – 21 year olds, based in Redhill. 

As well as running weekend workshops, where a range of performing arts skills are taught, YESPA’s summer production is a fully staged musical, rehearsed and performed during the school summer holidays at the 400 seat Harlequin Theatre, Redhill.

Productions are aided by professionals in the field of sound, lighting design, stage management, and a professional orchestra to ensure the young performers get the highest possible standard of life in the theatre.

YESPA has a strong ethos of hard work, professionalism and fun, ensuring their performers strive hard to put on as high a quality performance as they possibly can, which helps build self-confidence and pride in their achievements. Many have gone on to win professional roles working in the performing arts industry, after starting out at YESPA.

In the summer of 2021, YESPA will be performing Fiddler on the Roof at The Harlequin Theatre Redhill

Curtis’ Supporting Children’s Fitness

Our Sales Director, Steve Mallett, has recently joined Crawley Down Football Club under 15’s as their fitness coach. His role includes developing and encouraging the squad to keep their fitness levels at a prime to allow them to compete in local league competitions.

To help monitor the player’s fitness, Steve will be running a bleep test every fortnight. This will help to engage the boys to improve their fitness and to encourage friendly competition between the squad.

Supporting Macmillan Cancer Support

Every year at the Packaging Innovations Exhibitions we aim to raise awareness and money for a chosen chartity.  This year was no different!

Last exhibition was a huge success in more ways than one.  We had the pleasure of meeting some great people from some new start up businesses but also had a great time catching up with existing clients and competitors.  But, we also raised £500 for the MacMillan Cancer Charity.

Packaging Innovations 2013

This year Curtis chose to support Cystic Fibrosis at the Packaging Innovations in Islington. As a member of staff has a child affected by Cystic Fibrosis this charity is closer to home. Cystic Fibrosis affects almost 10,000 people in the UK alone. CF is a disease you are born with and unfortunately there is no cure yet. The UK’s CF Trust, founded in 1964, are constantly researching ways to improve people’s quality of life living with this disease. They do an amazing job and we are delighted to be helping them continue their work.

Well done G’s!

Steve Mallett, Sales Director, continues to coach the boys of East Grinstead rugby.  Now the boys are in the under 11’s age group they have taken to contact rugby like a duck to water.  In the past few weeks Steve has managed to get the boys extra coaching from some of the players from the first team and it seems it has paid off.

Last Sunday saw the boys playing extremely well.  They won round after round in the glorious October weather.  They reached the final to win 4 tries to 1 against Dorking. 

It was brilliant teamwork, with exceptional communication, attacking line and great scrums. Then the team went on to win another festival two weeks later. This time they appeared in the paper.

Well done G’s you deserve it!


Promoting Peace Through Business

Women for Women International – Promoting Peace Through Business

Women for Women International (WFWI) is a charity that helps and supports women who have been victims of war. Women who have had to struggle for their very survival and that of their families, their stories are often shocking, but with the support of WFWI, their lives are being transformed, terror and fear is being replaced by hope and positive change. WFWI work with women in eight war torn and post conflict countries around the world, enrolling them onto a one year programme, where they learn job skills and business training, enabling them to provide for their families and communities, giving them back control of their lives and futures.

In April 2012 a new fragrance called ‘IN PEACE’ (Eau De Parfum 50ml) was launched exclusively in Space NK, to support and create awareness of the work of WFWI. Created by Internationally Acclaimed Perfumer Azzi Glasser, the fragrance ‘IN PEACE’ opens with top notes of Pimento and Freesia introducing you to a wonderfully fresh, white world and sets a serene mood. Divine French Iris, soft Mimosa and creamy Suede notes open to reveal the passionate heart of the fragrance. Finally the peaceful base of skin caressing White Musk, Sandalwood and Tonka Bean infuse your senses, leaving a very feminine, lasting impression to symbolise hope and peace, whilst gently reminding the wearer that they have helped change women’s lives for the better. Launched by Nicky Kinnaird, Founder of Space NK, in the UK and the USA. ‘IN PEACE’ is currently Space NK’s No: 1 selling fragrance with 10% of all sales going to WFWI. To date, an average of one woman a week is being supported by Space NK ‘IN PEACE’ sales. Due to positive media coverage, including – Vogue, Tatler, Red Magazine and the Evening Standard, Space NK’s PR campaign for ‘IN PEACE’ has reached an estimated 20 million people, increasing awareness of the work of WFWI.

Many people, businesses and organisations came together to produce ‘IN PEACE’, giving their time and expertise at a very low, or no cost to make the perfume possible. It was an act of hope and faith that through good business peace could be promoted and supported around the world. Curtis Packaging was part of this amazing venture, helping to design and manufacture the beautiful, and much complimented ‘IN PEACE’ boxes. The ‘IN PEACE’ Brand Designer said –

Without the support, skill and sheer generosity of Curtis and other key suppliers, ‘IN PEACE’ quite simply would not have happened. There are already a handful of women and their families around the world who owe their future to this group of visionary businesses. Producing this fine fragrance to the standard of the World’s Great Perfume Houses, this project was an act of faith and hope that one day we can live ‘IN PEACE’. Curtis Packaging believed in the project and were key in making it happen – how can we ever thank them enough ? 

Buying ‘IN PEACE’ is an act of hope and faith that one day we will all live in peace.

Exclusively sold at Space NK apothecary, or online at – www.spacenk.com

For more information on WFWI please see –
Twitter: @womenforwomenuk


Turning pink in support for Breast Cancer Charities

Steve Mallett, Sales Director and James Williams, Managing Director first launched their support for Breast Cancer Charities on behalf of Curtis Packaging at the Packaging Innovations exhibition in October 2011. 

Curtis raised money by donating £5 for every postcard they received back from visitors they had met on the stand and £10 for every order placed during the month of November.  In addition to this Curtis held a “Pink” day, encouraging all the staff to wear an item of pink clothing and a donation would be made.  On this day our very own talented bakers made an array of freshly baked cakes for the cake sale.  On the whole Curtis are proud to say they raised £1,000.

As this was such a great success Curtis continued their support for Breast Cancer Charities in February this year at the Packaging Innovations show held at the NEC in Birmingham.  Along with a “Pink” day in March, they managed to beat their previous total, generating £1,100 for this well deserved charity.Well done to all at Curtis. 

Curtis welcomes careers day opportunity

Steve Mallett, Sales Director of Curtis recently took part in a careers day at two local secondary schools.

This opportunity arose by association with a local recruitment company.  Lisa Jarvis, Director of Permanent Solutions Direct developed a link between education and business.  The event is great fun for volunteers and students, but most importantly is a fantastic way for the year 9 students to learn about different career options from people who are actually performing that role.  It is a cross between “What’s my line” and “speed dating” with the volunteers moving around from group to group of approximately 7 students at a time and being asked a series of questions to which they are only allowed to answer yes or no to, for 5 minutes.  After that time a whistle will blow and the students has to try and guess what the volunteer does for a living, with a further 4/5 minutes then allowed for the volunteer to explain more about their job, how they started out, qualifications needed, career progression etc…

Steve says “This was a great opportunity and experience to be involved with.  As we know it is difficult for teenagers to know what profession to work towards.  By sharing my role it gives the students more choice when considering their future and careers they may not have considered. These days have proved such a success with students, I will certainly be looking forward to the next event”.


Our Red Nose day of the 18th of March was greeted with passion from all the Curtis staff. For every item of red worn Curtis donated £10 and for every red nose a further £10. Steve Mallett visited KMI Brands wearing an eccentric RED bow tie and was delighted that they also joined in the spirit of the event with us raising £90. Ellas Kitchen also joined forces with Curtis which meant we were able to donate a further £180 on behalf of them to this deserving charity.

The keen bakers from the staff at Curtis namely Helen, Bridget & Jo baked cakes which the staff all donated money for the purchase of these treats . A huge thank you they were delicious but we have paid the price trying to shed the weight since!

The Curtis staff also entered a raffle … £5 per person to win two tickets for a West End show which Curtis funded. Paul our gluing minder was delighted to win these. I would like to say a huge sorry to Paul Harris for the phone call telling you that you had won only to find out it was the wrong Paul….

Including the £90 from KMI and the £180 for Ella’s, our raffle and cake sale we raised £999.84p.
So we have raised a cheque for £1000.00

Click here to visit KMI Red Nose Charity Blog