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Your relationship with Curtis often begins with a visit from one of our packaging solution experts.

When we come to you, we’ll listen, we’ll learn and we’ll ask questions – so we can build a full picture of your business and your marketplace, including:

  • Your brand ambitions
  • Your products
  • Potential challenges
  • Your customers and their behaviour

Understanding these things means we can become an extension of your own team. We provide bespoke solutions, packaging and service that are exactly right for your business.


When we have built this full understanding of your needs, we’ll introduce you to our packaging design specialists.

Our expert design team will expand on initial ideas and bring them to life; with prototypes, artwork, and even short test runs that allow you to hold, touch and feel the designs we’ve worked together to create.

We’ll work closely with you through the design stage so you can be confident that your packaging will match your needs perfectly.

Pre Production


When we’ve received your artwork and designs, we’ll move your project into the pre production phase.

During pre production, artwork and design is closely examined and continually reviewed, ensuring any issues are identified prior to production. Although time consuming for our team, this eye for detail means you can be confident of an exceptional final result.

A digital proof will be issued for every job for you to thoroughly check and approve prior to production.

If required, digital prototypes can be used to showcase your products; supporting sales and investment opportunities. Many of our clients use our prototype samples for catalogues, marketing and ecommerce websites.


Virtually all of our production is done in house; with a team who have a passion for delivering sustainability through unbeatable quality. Our production team ensure the same eye for detail that’s been present throughout design and pre production carries on through manufacture.

The best materials

Inks used during the manufacture of packaging at our Redhill plant are vegetable or soya based; making them environmentally sustainable. We offer an enormous range of colours, including pastels, metallics and fluorescents - creating bursts of colour when your products are on the shelf.

The varnishes we use are all water based and come in a wide array of finishes to complement your design; including matt, satin, gloss, pearl, soft touch and ‘flip-flop’. We’re always happy to provide examples for your inspection.

Quality Control

To deliver outstanding quality, we believe you have to start with outstanding people. Our team are passionate about their work and are trained to provide high-quality services and products.

We don’t expect you to just take our word for it though; we adhere to ISO 9001, the quality management system that’s designed to ensure the needs of customers are met – along with international statutory and regulatory requirements.

We have developed a reputation for our impeccable attention to detail – and we apply that to every job we fulfil. It’s this reputation that’s allowed for our growth over the last five years - driven by many recommendations from our existing customers.


Our award-winning designs, eye for detail and outstanding finished packaging products would count for very little if we didn’t deliver on time. Whatever challenges we face, we pull out all the stops to ensure your delivery gets to you by the promised date.

We’re based in Redhill, close to major transportation routes. What’s more, our intelligent use of delivery schedules means our transport hauliers will further minimise the carbon footprint associated with your project.


Customer Aftercare

Our service and relationship with your company doesn’t end when we’ve delivered your products. Many of our customers keep an open line of communication with our team, discussing their changing requirements and keeping on top of our latest technology, ideas and developments.

We’ll help you to review the performance of your packaging on an ongoing basis – and understand how we can use this information to continue to develop the products we provide into the future.

We know how important it is to work with companies and people who understand you and your business. With our outstanding aftercare service, we like to think a Curtis customer is for life.