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The first step is a visit from one of our Packaging Solution experts: We'll listen, we'll question, we'll advise: to fully understand, your brand ambitions, your market and your challenges.

We aim to become an extension of your own team: working together to produce the best possible results.


Having identified your needs, our packaging design specialists will bring the ideas to life with designs, prototypes, artwork and even short test runs so you can be confident the final choice is right first time.

Pre Production


From your supplied artwork each project is minutely examined and reviewed. We'll communicate any issues so you can be confident of the final result. A digital proof will be issued for every job. This is calibrated to the printing machines for colour reference.

Digital prototypes can be provided to showcase your products before they are "live". These are frequently used as samples to pre-sell an idea. Many high street retailers use our prototypes for their catalogues.


Nearly all our production is in house: with a team who share the passion, not just for sustainability, but, above all, quality.


All of the inks used during manufacture of cartons at our Redhill plant are vegetable/soya based (some metallic and fluorescent inks are not available yet. Once they are, we aim to be amongst the first to offer them). The varnishes we use are water based and come in an array of finishes to complement the packaging including matt, satin, gloss, pearl, soft touch and 'flip –flop' (Contact us to see examples).

Quality Control

Quality starts with people. Our team are passionate about their work and trained in providing a high-quality service and product.

We adhere to ISO 9001, the quality management system and are regularly audited to ensure we are constantly improving.

Curtis is known for the attention to detail we apply to every job. We receive many recommendations from our existing customers, to new brands, which have supported our growth over the last five years.


We are fully aware that delivery – on time – is vital to our customers. Whatever the challenges, we pull out all the stops to ensure your delivery gets there by the promised date.

Based in Redhill, we are close to major transportation routes and utilising careful delivery schedules with our transport hauliers will further minimise your carbon footprint.



Customer Aftercare

Our service doesn't stop with delivery. We'll keep in touch, bringing you the latest technology, ideas and developments to keep your packaging ahead of the game. We'll constantly review with you your packaging needs to ensure you are up to date with the very latest solutions.

We like to think a Curtis customer is for life!