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Curtis packaging are one of the UK's leading companies providing high quality printed folding boxboard packaging specialising in the retail, beauty & luxury market sectors.

“Finishing touches” our innovative sample pack which demonstrates many of the finishes & added features that top brands look for has received immense feedback from Design Agencies, Brand owners & visitors to the Packaging Innovations exhibitions. This has encouraged us to evolve this into an opportunity to help students that are working towards a position within the exciting market we work in. Click here to go to the Finishing Touches section & use the online version or order a sample pack.

We are offering two Bursaries, each of £500. The first will focus on the construction of the packaging & the second on graphics & the use of finishes. Entries for both categories must be received by 16th February 18. These will be reviewed & short list of three for each category by our panel of Judges (shown in the next section) who have kindly offered their support to this initiative.



All the judges were really impressed with all the entries, the students showed a really good eye for graphic design and construction. It was really pleasing to see that so early in their careers they already understand the value they can add to your end -product with the combination of their flair, a strong and attractive substrate and the clever use of finishing touches.

In addition to their excellent design, the students also showed a real appreciation of the sustainability of fibre based packaging. All the entries had the real packaging impact that persuades the consumer to make a positive choice to purchase a product.

Thanks again for getting involved with this event, it is really pleasing to get to meet so many future colleagues in our industry.

Graphic Bursary

Shortlisted in this category:

The geometric theme running through the brand family showed a mature eye for shelf appeal in graphic design.

Nice presentation& strong ideas

Impactful & felt it was well thought out and eye catching


On trend colour palette, impressive technical pattern, modern and contemporary design. Click here to download a pdf of Jonah's entry

Construction Bursary

Shortlisted in this category:

The innovative use of the hinged lid showed an understanding of material strength and it made the pack to be something that the consumer could use as storage or display for the whole life of the products.

Barney Wright
The construction had been well thought out and was quite unique.


The video was a great idea to gain the full effect of premium design and good eye for the details such as the angled edges and double opening. Click here to download a pdf of Charlie's entry


The winners of the 2018 Centre of Excellence - Karin Chan & Michael Morton - were announced at Curtis packaging on the 16th March.

"I was very surprised and excited to hear that I have won the bursary award and the opportunity to visit Curtis and meet the judges. The tour was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn better about the different options available in packaging design and understand more about the process before being placed on shelves. Thank you so much!"

Karin Chan, Winner 2018

"Participating in the Curtis Packaging competition was a fantastic opportunity for our students and staff at The Sheffield College. The team supplied excellent resources for the learners to reference throughout their concept generation and development of their own packaging designs. The tour of the factory and talks from leading experts in the retail, design and packaging industry were invaluable in providing a professional insight into the processes involved. I would like to thank Curtis Packaging and all of the judges involved for the time and effort they put in to making the experience inspirational and motivating for our future designers. We are looking forward to future competitions and the opportunity to work with Curtis Packaging further."

Kelly Edwards, Course Leader: Extended Diploma Graphic Design, The Sheffield College

The Bursary

We are strong advocates for investing in the future and what better place to start than embarking on a search to find the next graphic designer the luxury beauty brands are fighting over or the constructional designer that blows away the team at a highly competitive sales pitch with their innovative designs.

We are offering two Curtis Centre of Excellence Bursaries of £500 each. One focusing on constructional design of packaging, the second on graphic design. Along with their £500 cheque the winner will have the chance to see behind the scenes of the countless disciplines behind the production of a printed carton with a tour of our manufacturing facilities. You will also get to meet the panel of judges that chose your submission to beat the competition. Last but not least our team will take your winning submission and create this for you to take away…. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your designs come to life.

Your pitch is to be received by Friday February 15th 2019. Please refer to the how to enter section for full details on how to enter. These will be reviewed then three from each category will then proceed to the judging panel stage. The judges will choose one winner from each category. The winner will be announced on Friday 15th March 2019.


The Brief

Constructional Design Bursary

Create a Christmas gift set to be pitched within the beauty market. This gift will be made up of two complimentary products and must be constructed using carton board window material ( acetate ) can also be incorporated. The maximum size of the gift is to be 300 x 250 x 80mm.

Special consideration should be given to how the products will be housed within this pack, fitments should be considered and where possible using heavy duty carton board or corrugated material and how this will transit through ecommerce or during transit into store.

The objective of this gift is to create interest and intrigue with massive shelf appeal

Graphic Design Bursary

Design a Christmas gift pack within the beauty market. Packaging is the first thing the potential customer interacts with, the use of graphics, colour, finishing touches such as embossing or foiling should be considered to create a real wow factor inviting customers to pick the gift off the shelf.

A full set of visuals of the set will be required as a minimum entry, we would recommend supporting examples of how you envisage your pack to work.

How to Enter & FAQ's

Below is a list of frequently asked questions relating to the bursary packaging competition.

How do I enter & submit my entry?

To enter you need to email steve.mallett[at]curtispackaging.co.uk with the title Bursary. More details will then be provided as to how you submit your entry.

Where can I upload my video?

Please upload your video to any free video sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo so you can provide it as a link.

What industries can I choose from for my packaging?

You have the option of designing packaging for either the beauty or luxury food markets.

Is a video required?

A video isn't required but could be beneficial to explain your idea.

Useful Tools

Upon registering your interest into the Curtis Centre of Excellence Bursary your will receive a Curtis duo pack outlining some information about us and what we do along with our finishing touches pack.

Finishing Touches

Our award winning finishing touches pack is at your full disposal. This innovative pack championed by designers, brand owners and packaging technologists, walks you through the extra ‘finishing touches ‘ to give your pack a real unique selling point whilst outlining the impact of this finish from cost, environmental impact to wow factor and transit.

Please follow the link to use our online finishing touches pack or order a pack to aid your submission.

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Coming soon to the section below will be file templates for our most common types of packaging, included in a zip file with a document explaining how to change the dimensions of the file to the size you need.

The Judges

Lindsay has a wealth of experience across brand management, product development & packaging and also works closely with Boots to drive sales & brand awareness.

Lindsay Dancaster

First Natural Brands

The studio used by Curtis, providing innovative constructive packaging solutions for many of the UK's leading retail companies. Including digital prototyping.

Joanne Williams

3D creative

Providing the largest range of hot stamping foils in the UK, offering increased visual impact & shelf appeal.

Paul Hornby


World leaders on paper & carton board, focusing on offering the packaging market with sustainable materials.

Devlin Osbourne