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We design and manufacture high quality printed packaging

With 80 years of history behind it, Curtis Packaging is a pioneer in sustainable packaging. We are passionate about our commitments and are fully aware that the journey to environmental excellence is made of small steps. Steps that combine knowledge with conventional manufacturing methods using the latest sustainable materials and technology.
Our team of packaging experts bring creative, sophisticated luxury adding value to your brand. With complete project management, we're with you every step of the way. From the initial design consultation through to production and delivery. Produced all at our site in Redhill this makes us accessible whenever you need us.

Meet the team

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Account Director

James Williams

Working with some of the most talented people in the printing and packaging industry and helping established and emerging brands succeed.
What we do to protect the environment at Curtis is brilliant but we can always do more and I enjoy the challenge of continual improvement.
Letterpress printing and walking rugby.
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Sales Manager

Steve Parkhouse

I love working with brands, developing the specifications and helping with product development. I also enjoy watching the different production stages in real time and seeing the beautiful end results that we produce!
Sustainability is obviously hugely important and I'm very proud to work for one of the true pioneers in this area and fully support the continuous innovation we strive for, to bring further improvements to the manufacturing cycle.
Music and Fishing and of course perusing packaging :)
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New Business Development Director

Rob Finnigan

I get great pleasure working with Customers, Brands and Supply Partners and bringing concepts to reality. Improving customers supply chains, producing high end quality packaging and ensuring our customers come back to us time and time again, ensuring we are their supply partner of choice.
Curtis have been pioneering the environmental drive for as long as I can remember, even prior to me joining the team. Having the environmental policy as a core pillar the business is built upon enables us to be leading advisors to our customers. We are a business that does what it says and more around environmental topics for our customers.
As well as enjoying more job, away from work Triathlons are my hobbies, I play a role behind the scenes supporting our Triathlon club by being on their committee and also being the MC for our club based events.
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Project Director

Johanna Forster

I get to be involved in some very challenging projects, working together to find solutions for these, to achieve the unachievable is the most rewarding part of my job.
I feel tremendously proud to work within a company that has the ever growing, environmental issues at the forefront of everything we do.
I have a passion for interior design and styling, reading books in the sunshine and spending time with extended family wherever possible.
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Quality & Operations Director

Richard Pope

I enjoy the daily challenges presented by our business - no two days are the same, which makes the work both interesting and diverse.
I feel that our commitment to sustainability and the environment are testament to the fabric of our business values, which are echoed by a number of our customers alike and this is great to see.
Other than loving to spend time with my family wherever possible, I enjoy football and cars, with a season ticket at Aston Villa, a Ford Focus RS Mk3 and a 1971 MGB GT keeping me busy in my spare time!
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Production Director

George James

I am lucky enough to work with a very talented bunch of like minded people who truly care about what they do.
I think it is great that more and more companies are taking responsibility for environmental impact and Curtis packaging are doing an exceptional job in this area.
Fishing, Golf and spending time with Family
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Account Executive

Joanne Manning

I enjoy working on New Products with clients, as I love seeing the creative process and watching it come to life through the sampling and production processes.
I think our Environmental Policy is great, I love that sustainability is at the forefront of the company. I like that we not only reduce our environmental impact through the FSC and WLT, but we also give back through partnering with conservation organisations such as bee1 to house and introduce 2 colonies of honey bees into the local eco system!
My Interests include textile design, sewing and travelling!
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Project Manager

Sarah Curtis

Being a part of the development for new ranges and the people I work with
I'm pleased that we are supplying sustainable packaging & thinking of the environment
Cooking & Travelling
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Project Team Manager

Mark Warner

Spreadsheets and giving good news to customers
We all need to be doing our bit for the planet and I feel proud to be working for a company that takes these responsibilities seriously.
I am the Explorer Scout Leader of a local group in Redhill and thoroughly enjoy being out and about. Riding my motorcycle also gives me a smile, in the right weather conditions of course.
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Project Manager

Sasha Talboys

I really enjoy working closely with customers to develop a completely new range and having the enjoyment of seeing it all come together at the very end, especially when the brand is thrilled with the results. It makes you feel proud to be a part of it.
I am happy to be working for a company that does focus heavily on the environmental impact of packaging and one that is constantly striving to improve on the way that we personally and as an industry tackle these issues.
Outside of work I enjoy reading, watching (way too many) movies and going for long walks out in nature. I am hopelessly in love with animals and like to visit wildlife parks or nature reserves whenever possible and have even spent my birthday working in London Zoo!
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Project Team / Receptionist

Bridget Du Plessis

I love talking to people on the phone. Enjoy meet and greet of customers.
Its the small things that make the difference for eg using low energy lights in our office. Also try carrying a reusable bottle of water with you rather than buying several disposable ones.
My hobbies include baking and attempting new food dishes.
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Senior Estimator

Adam Staines

Working with such a great team and the challenge of estimating that each new project brings!
Glad to be part of an organisation that has a comprehensive environmental policy which is so important with the threat of climate change.
Running, season ticket holder at St Helens RFC and discovering canal boating during lockdown!
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Neil McLauchlan

Planning the layouts for a complex job or project.
It's all very positive and responsible.
Windsurfing, photography, outdoors, DIY & family.
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Production Manager

Stuart Evens

The end result of an extremely high quality product being delivered on time to a happy customer
It's great that we actually aim to do all that is possible and not just what is the minimum required in order to achieve accreditations
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Purchasing Manager

Clive Mowbray

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Project Coordinator

Tom Moore

Helping customers.
This is really important for future generations, so I'm happy that Curtis are working with responsibly sourced, sustainable materials and practices.
Watching Football (Chelsea), Reading, Going to art galleries.
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Project Manager

Bianca Sbirn

Building relationships with customers and colleagues.
I strongly support it as I think it is each and everyone's duty to protect and preserve our environment for future generations.
Cars, music, photography and traveling. Or a mixture of any of the above!
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Project Coordinator

Linda Giambona

I get great satisfaction from coordinating projects, and being able to observe the creativity and workmanship of our work in the process. I thoroughly enjoy cooperating with my team and also colleagues from other departments.
I fully support our Environmental Policy and feel privileged to be working at Curtis where I can see first-hand these procedures put in place. I appreciate Curtis' continuous development in this regard and the certifications we have been awarded, for example B-Corp.
A long-time lover of art, music, and cinema, in more recent years I have become very active and enjoy working out, jogging, and hiking. I occasionally do 30/50k walking challenges. Last but not least, I adore cats!


What We Do

Beautifully designed and manufactured packaging creates a positive experience for a consumer’s first interaction with your brand.

Our creative packaging experts will explore a variety of options with you to design packaging solutions that will protect your products and enhance your brand success.

Curtis have been producing printed cartons for over 80 years and our experienced team can offer advice on colour, shapes, special finishes, transit and ease of packaging.

Who We Are

A company with strong environmental credentials. We design and manufacture quality folding cartons.

About your brand, your budget and your needs. We work in partnership with you to produce packaging that will help your success.

Creative, knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about providing quality packaging.

We Offer

To your packaging requirements. Each project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager assisted by an award winning Customer Support and Production Team.

All our team are trained to ISO9001 standards and take great pride in providing a high quality consistent service from concept to final delivery.

We care about looking after our planet and lead the way in green manufacturing and techniques. Curtis are ISO14001 and FSC® Certified. We are the first company in the UK to offer World Land Trust certified carbon balanced packaging and we have helped Preserve over 100,000m2 of tropical rainforest since 2012.
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