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We are committed to working in an environmentally responsible manner. This way of doing business is reflected in everything we do and every product we create.

At Curtis Packaging, ‘sustainability’ is much more than just a buzzword. Each of our business operations is held up against stringent international standards by the world’s foremost environmental organisations. When you work with us, you can be absolutely confident that the bespoke packaging we create for your brand will meet even your most ambitious eco-friendly standards.

There’s much more to sustainable packaging than simply using recycled or recyclable materials. We strive to always go above and beyond the competition to make sure your packaging has environmental credentials you can be proud of.

As well as being a plus for your business and marketing; sustainability is an essential part of making sure we’re protecting our planet into the future. You’ve probably noticed Curtis the red-eyed tree frog as you’ve explored our site – he symbolises what we do here.

Curtis the frog isn’t just an image – he’s a real red-eyed tree frog we adopted as part of an on-going conservation project. You can see the official adoption certificate for Curtis here – and you’ll see him on the side of some of our vehicles as they follow our low-carbon footprint delivery schedules.

Part of the reason we chose the red-eyed tree frog to represent our business is the vibrancy of their colours – from vivid greens and striking reds to iridescent blue and bright yellow flashes; there’s no better reflection of our multicoloured printing workshops. It’s not just about colour though; like humans, tree-frogs are a long way from being endangered – but Curtis the frog relies on the same fragile things we do to thrive; a stable climate and a safe environment in which to live.

Everything we do here at Curtis supports the longevity of these incredible creatures. By adopting truly sustainable packaging, you’re helping to make sure Curtis the red-eyed tree frog has a positive future – but not only that; you’re also making sure we’re managing the planet and our finite resources in a way that means a positive and healthy future for all generations to come.

Curtis is a certified B corporation

B Corp Certification is a certification given to for-profit companies that meet certain social and environmental standards. The certification is administered by B Lab, a non-profit organization that evaluates companies based on their impact on workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

Achieving B Corps certification is an endorsement of all that Curtis believes in, stands for and demonstrates its commitment to creating a better world for all.

What is sustainable packaging?

At the very least, environmentally friendly packaging needs to use the right kind of raw or recycled materials – but here at Curtis, we take our commitment to sustainability much further.

Can you be sure that the materials that are used to create ‘eco-friendly’ packaging are developed, grown, or sourced in a responsible or ethical way? Likewise, can you be certain that a company working with strict ethical credentials also has the environment in mind when they develop their internal working practices?

In truth, this is where sustainable packaging manufacturers often fall short. It’s one thing to make a couple of environmentally-aware claims – but it takes much more to create truly environmentally-friendly packaging with working practices and supply chains that can be scrutinised from beginning to end.

It’s this kind of in-depth consideration for every single one of our materials and working practices that makes Curtis stand out from the crowd.

For instance, where packaging businesses often use oil- and chemical-based inks – we’re proud to use vegetable/soya-based inks which are cleaner and more easily recycled. Likewise, where less eco-focused companies have three separate chemical processes involved their printing processes – we operate completely chemical-free printing plates that can be recycled after use.

We even have in-house recycling facilities that mean every single piece of waste and offcut is stored, compacted, and recycled – ready for pulping. This move alone has resulted in 80% fewer waste collection journeys.

The packaging industry’s most prestigious standards and certifications

So – aside from our practical processes, exactly what kind of proof can we provide that we’re one of the world’s most forward-thinking sustainable packaging manufacturers?

At Curtis Packaging, we have met or exceeded the standards required for:

FSC® certification

The FSC® – or Forest Stewardship Council® – are an internationally recognised NGO dedicated to the responsible management of the world’s forests. Supported by the Woodland Trust, the WWF, and Greenpeace, the FSC® operates across 50 countries.

ISO 14001

ISO standards are internationally agreed by experts in each relevant field. ISO 14001 lays out a strict framework that companies must meet to obtain certification.

BPIF Zero Foil 2 Landfill

The British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) provide support and accreditation for UK companies in the printing industry. Their Zero Foil to Landfill Scheme certifies operation that sees no foil packaging products sent to landfill.

The foil waste is converted to solid recovered fuel (SRF) to be used in the cement industry. This is used as a replacement for fossil fuels such as coal with 12 tonnes of the polyester film replacing 10 tonnes of fossil fuel. Any ash remnants generated during the incineration process are also utilised in the clinker of the cement, ensuring a fully closed recycling loop.

World Land Trust

The World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation charity – protecting the world’s most important and threatened habitats and areas.

We are the first company in the UK to achieve the prestigious World Land Trust certified carbon balanced packaging accreditation. This doesn’t just measure and balance our working methods – but also considers the carbon impact of the materials we use from beginning to end.


The depth of our certification and accreditations mean we do not simply ‘tick a few environmental boxes’ – we go above and beyond anyone else to make sure our eco friendly packaging business lives and breathes sustainability through every process, operation, and choice we make.

Always striving for more

You only have to switch your television on to understand that the environment is a topic that never stands still. Whether it’s individually, nationally, or globally; there’s always more that can and should be done to secure the future of the planet and the habitats that sustain us.

At Curtis Packaging, we carry this attitude into our business – every day.

Our sustainable packaging credentials are the most impressive in the industry – but that doesn’t mean we should always be striving for more. We continually assess and improve our operations – working at all times to reduce adverse effects on the environment and strike a balance between positive eco-management and our business activities.

In practical terms, this means continually setting and working towards ambitious objectives – which we can then use to measure our on-going performance.

Spreading the sustainability message

Like all business, we fit into a system of suppliers, contractors, and customers that often stretches some distance around the world.

From a sustainability point of view, it’s absolutely vital we’re aware of how our partners operate – and we always work to encourage positive environmental practices. This means making sure that we can trace our materials back to their environmentally-sound origins – and check that all processes along the production chain meet our high standards.

As a customer or a potential customer, we also more than happy to share further details of our practices with you.

Supporting your sustainability journey

The journey to where we are today hasn’t been a quick one – our products and operations have developed over years for us to become the sustainable packaging company we are today.

As such, we fully appreciate that you could be at any stage in your company’s sustainability journey too. Whether you’re confident of your credentials and you’re looking for a company which matches your standards – or you’re making the first moves towards becoming a more environmentally aware business, we’ve got the skills and experience needed to help you realise your goals.

Even if your business is just in the planning stages, we’re happy to connect and advise you on how to make environmentally-friendly packaging a part of your business.


We are committed to conducting our business operations in an environmentally responsible manner and recognise the need to continually improve our operations, reduce any adverse effects to the environment and to strive to achieve an economic balance between environmental management and business activities.

To identify and use materials/processes which reduce the risk of pollution.

To promote natural resource conservation by encouraging efficient use of energy, minimum use of raw materials, and use of recycled materials where practical.

Take a proactive approach to environmental management.

To minimize discharges, emissions, waste and their effects on the environment while maximizing recycling.

To set annual environmental objectives and targets against which to measure improvements in environmental performance.

To ensure compliance with environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements.

To document procedures and continuously monitor progress in environmental performance through regular measurement, review and audit, utilizing a management system compliant with ISO 14001.

To encourage our suppliers and contractors to maintain sound environmental practices.

To ensure that all employees are made aware of environmental issues on site through a programme of training relevant to their roles.

To provide information on our environmental policy to interested parties.
Click here to open the World Land Trust website in a new tab to learn more about carbon balanced paper.


Carton Board
According to the United Nations, half of the world's forests have already been altered, degraded, destroyed or converted into other land uses. Much of the remaining forests today suffer from illegal exploitation and poor management. FSC® was established as a response to these concerns over global deforestation.
FSC® Board ensures protection of the forests, the environment, people and the wildlife that depend upon them. It also gives options for maximising the use of post-consumer recycled paper.
Inks and Varnishes
UV (ultraviolet) inks and coatings: Oil and chemical based using large amounts of energy in the printing process. Difficult to recycle.
Vegetable/soya based inks. Water based coatings are soluble, cleaner and easily recycled.
Printing Plates
Metal plates need three separate chemical based treatments for developing, fixing and storage. These toxic chemicals affect the atmosphere and are difficult to dispose of.
Chemical Free plate making "Processes less plates" are completely chemical free with plates laser etched. After printing the plates are recycled.
Waste and Offcuts
Landfilled or moved in bulk requiring numerous vehicle journeys and road miles.
Every single item is stored, compacted and recycled. Our waste management system provides full details on the ultimate destination and recycling process. We have installed an in-house collector compactor converting offcuts ready for pulping. This alone has cut collection journeys by 80%.
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