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Environmental Policy

Curtis Packaging is committed to the continual improvement of both its quality and environmental management practices in accordance with clauses as defined within ISO9001, ISO14001 and PS9000.

Our company recognises the importance of protecting and preserving our natural environment and we understand that we have a responsibility to prevent pollution. We are committed to sourcing FSC approved material whenever possible and offset our carbon footprint with carbon balancing through the World Land Trust. We consider the environmental aspects and impacts of all business operations and actively minimise waste. In 2023 we achieved B-Corp status where we were required to further demonstrate not only our social and ethical standing, but also our environmental credentials to achieve what is widely recognised as a prestigious standard and one which is only awarded to those organisations who demonstrate a high level of social, ethical and environmental understanding.

We will comply with all applicable environmental legislation along with any other requirements to which our company may subscribe and will regularly monitor changes in local and national legislation which may have an impact upon the way in which the company conducts its operations.

Each year we will establish both quality and environmental objectives and targets. These objectives will be regularly reviewed, audited and assessed by ourselves as well as by UKAS accredited external assessors.

We will utilise our quality and environmental management system to ensure the security and conformity of our products and services to meet customer requirements and our aim is to always achieve total customer satisfaction. The business will also ensure that a clean and hygienic environment is maintained which prevents any potential contamination.

By maintaining our quality and environmental management system we will give confidence to our customers, suppliers, staff and the public that we are a company who can deliver a consistent and high quality service and which has a responsible approach towards improving the environment in which we live and work.

This policy shall be regularly reviewed and Curtis Packaging shall ensure that it is communicated and understood by all staff within the organisation. This policy is available for all interested parties upon request.

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