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Curtis helps save endangered forests

Curtis Packaging have been part of the Carbon Balanced Scheme since 2011, this is were the carbon impact for paper is offset (balanced) by the World Land Trust through the purchase and preservation of endangered forests.

Curtis are only one of 11 printing companies in the UK to offer this to their customers.  

The World Land Trust policy of purchasing critically threatened forests is clear and simple to understand enabling us to portray this to our customers.  In turn our customers get to help us reach our targets by choosing carton materials from a range of ‘Carbon Balanced Papers’, where each material has had it’s footprint measured and calculated.

Curtis were very proud to receive a certificate from The World Land Trust, certifying we had saved 102,000m2 of critically threatened tropical rain forests from March 2012 to December 2015.

For more information read the article Is Carbon Balanced Paper here to stay?

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