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First UK carton manufacturer to announce B Corp Certification

London, April 2023 – Curtis Packaging, a leading sustainable packaging manufacturer, is proud to announce its recent certification as a B Corporation™ (B Corp™), demonstrating the company’s continued commitment to producing beautiful, printed cartons with innovative design that are kind to the environment.

The B Corp certification, administered by the non-profit organisation B Lab, evaluates a company’s social and environmental performance through a rigorous review of the impact of its operations and business model on governance, workers, customers, communities, and the environment.

Curtis Packaging’s dedication to environmental responsibility is at the heart of the company, and the B Corp certification is a testament to its ongoing efforts. Based on the B Impact assessment, Curtis Packaging earned an overall score of 91.3, well above the median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment.

The company’s Managing Director, James Williams, stated that “joining a group of organisations with a shared belief will create a significant unified improvement to the environment. We are delighted to be the first UK carton manufacturer to have achieved this accreditation and become part of the B Corp community.”

Steve Mallett, Sales Director of Curtis Packaging, emphasized that “sustainability is an essential part of making sure we’re protecting our planet into the future,” and that the company’s adoption of Curtis the red-eyed tree frog as its representative was not just for the vibrancy of his colours, it is symbolic of its commitment to ensuring a stable climate and safe environment for all.

Steve went on to say, “I am proud that we began our environmental journey many years ago, long before accreditations like B Corp existed and along the way have received many accolades and reviews from our customers and national periodicals”.

Curtis Packaging will continue to increase its work in the community with innovations like the Curtis Centre of Excellence, which encourages the next generation of packaging designers, sponsoring Bee Hives with Bee1, and reaching out to local schools to help children understand the impact of climate change on the environment.

Curtis Packaging is proud to join the rapidly growing movement of more than 6,583 Certified B Corporations from 161 industries across 89 countries.

The company’s QHSE Director, Richard Pope, praised the staff for their efforts and whole-hearted buy-in to the Ethos of the Company, adding that “by adopting truly sustainable packaging, we’re helping to make sure Curtis the red-eyed tree frog has a positive future – but not only that; we’re also making sure we’re managing the planet and our finite resources in a way that means a positive and healthy future for all generations to come.”

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