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Curtis Packaging Teams Up with Bee1 To Combat the Decline of Natural Pollinators

Sustainable packaging company Curtis Packaging has teamed up with Bee1 to combat the decline in bee populations and to help to pave the way towards a brighter future.

Bees pollinate 70% of everything that we eat, but they’ve also been in decline over the last 30 years. This has happened for many reasons, including loss of habitat, lack of awareness and increased pesticide use.

Almost all beekeeping in the UK is now carried out by volunteers and hobbyists. It’s impossible to overstate how important individual beekeepers are when it comes to safeguarding bumble bees and honeybees for present and future generations.

That’s why Curtis Packaging has partnered with Bee1, to support the growth of the bumble bee and honey bee populations and to safeguard our vulnerable ecosystem.

At Curtis Packaging, ‘sustainability’ is much more than just a buzzword, pun intended. The company’s sponsorship of Bee1 underscores its commitment to the environment by providing much-needed assistance to the vital pollinators that make the world around us possible.

Bee1 specialises in the delivery of corporate and social responsibility, focusing on the environment, biodiversity, education, community, health, mindfulness and wellbeing. Company founder Mark Douglas is a qualified beekeeper who combines his passion for bees with his determination to highlight local environmental challenges.

Mark Douglas explains, “We’re fanatical about protecting our vital ecological system and putting practical measures in place that will improve and preserve our planet for the wellbeing of future generations. We’re hugely excited to have found a likeminded ethical packaging company”.

“We have hives right across the UK including London, as well as currently 20 sited on our 800-acre farm above the Neath Valley looking out over Swansea Bay. Each hive has approximately 30,000 bees and pollinates circa 200 million plants, flowers and fruits within a three-mile radius. Together, the bees in these 20 hives pollinate around 4 billion plants.”

Bee1 is also working with Cardiff University to develop a beeswax wrap that’s designed to replace Clingfilm in the food industry. The beeswax wraps are reusable and are also more hygienic than traditional plastic wrapping.

Bee1’s initiatives help to provide suitable homes for bees to prosper and grow, and they achieve these goals in partnership with local businesses, schools and the community, as well as sponsors like Curtis Packaging.

Curtis Packaging is also continuing its sponsorship of a red eyed tree frog. Curtis the frog isn’t just an image – he’s a real red-eyed tree frog that the company adopted from Paignton Zoo. By adopting Curtis, the company helped to support the vital conservation work that the zoo carries out. His image is plastered across the side of their vehicles as they follow the company’s low-carbon footprint delivery schedules. 

These initiatives are part of Curtis Packaging’s wider commitment to the environment and sustainability. Each of their business operations is held up against stringent international standards by the world’s foremost environmental organisations. They’ve met or exceeded the standards of multiple prestigious organisations, including FSC® certification, PEFCTM certification, ISO 14001 accreditation, BPIF Zero Foil 2 Landfill accreditation and World Land Trust certification.

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