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Drought or Downpour?

This summer’s must-see climate change comedy musical….

Youth East Surrey Performing Arts musical theatre group are performing this summer at the Redhill’s Harlequin Theatre and we are thrilled to be supporting them this year.

From the 8th-10th August YESPA will be performing the smash-hit satirical water shortage comedy ‘Urinetown the Musical’.

‘Urinetown’ is set in a dystopian future, a 20-year drought has caused a terrible water shortage.  The townsfolk must now use and pay for public conveniences controlled by a large corporation called ‘Urine Good Company’.    Harsh laws dictate that people must pay to pee but the town’s poor often struggle to raise the money.  When the laws are broken offenders are exiled to a place for punishment never to return – Urinetown!

This is a black comedy cleverly combining environmental matters with comedy and musical theatre.  The storyline theme has some great synergies with climate change and water conservation which compliment Curtis’ focus on sustainable packaging.

YESPA is an amateur musical theatre production company for young people aged between 8 and 21.  YESPA’s current membership spans over more than 15 different primary, secondary and sixth form schools and colleges across Surrey, Kent and West  Sussex.

Steve Mallett, Sales Director commented  “We were delighted to be given the opportunity to sponsor this musical. The environment is a focus for our business and we would like to wish everyone involved good luck and success in your performances”

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