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Ella’s Kitchen

Since creating our organic baby and toddler food brand in 2006 we have worked with Curtis Packaging. In the early days of our development it was paramount to find a printing packaging supplier who believed in our brand values and who would invest the time to take our vision of healthy food forward with us. It is a true partnership. We come up with packaging design ideas and Curtis turns these into eye catching, workable, cost-effective solutions.

Our ethos is about creating healthy relationships with food which is good for the planet. Curtis’ environmental credentials and solutions mirror that so we use 100% recyclable outer packaging and reduced environmental impact materials for our pouches. 

Not only do they understand our brand they are part of its success story.

It is great to see Curtis Packaging grow from strength to strength: a new site, new press, new printing capabilities, increased capacity – all in a short timescale. Despite the major relocation project, the team continued to produce our printed packaging to a high quality within our required deadlines. With our products exported throughout the globe this is essential to meet our supply commitments and for our continued business growth

Ella’s Kitchen

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