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Scaramouche & Fandango are a UK based men’s skincare company, who specialize in travel friendly products, being  100ml, they fit in to today’s modern man’s lifestyle!  The company was founded from the understanding of the difficulties of obtaining travel-friendly skincare products that can be used frequently, whilst traveling for business or pleasure.

Scaramouche & Fandango, by their own admission are a “no jargon, tell it straight” company and they wanted this reflected in their packaging.  They wanted packaging men could relate to, it had to be innovative whilst reflecting quality.

Curtis were thrilled to be awarded their gift pack range.

A rigid box/base and lid, covered in fine black linen wrap was constructed with a strong textured ebony fitting inside, which complemented the carton perfectly.  The cartons were printed in black with a bright vibrant colour for each product.  Taking it a step further we embossed the letters giving them a whole new dimension.  Spot UV was then applied to give the overall finish and contrast.

Ensuring the product arrived in the same beautiful condition it was in when leaving the factory, an anti-scuff lamination was applied, along with a sleeve wrap so the customers could still experience the reveal when re-ordering products.  The sleeve also had the matt coating to give the same stunning effect.

Meeting and exceeding customers expectations is a goal at Curtis and this is one that we have achieved just that.

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