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Putting Sustainability First 

Curtis supported Plenaire by providing thoughtful guidance on our brand objectives of safety, durability and sustainability. They were particularly helpful to us in developing a balanced view on how to create packaging that was beautiful yet resilient and sustainable. The team at Curtis helped guide our design and packaging team through every milestone to achieve a beautiful carton that we were very proud to present to retailers, beauty press and of course to our end user. During the process of developing our initial run, we ran into some issues around feathering of ink on our speciality Swedish carton board and were up against some very tight deadlines. The Curtis team went the extra mile, even in the dead of August holiday shutdown to achieve the result we wanted while staying OTIF for our launch. To achieve the identical color matching for our carton inner, “Plenaire Cresyl Violet”, we need to do several rounds of color matching which was a challenge but helped us achieve a highly unique color result that has become a defining hallmark of the brand. I cannot recommend the team at Curtis enough. They understand design strategy, excel at printing technology and help brands execute their design identities flawlessly. 

Investment project of the year

I was delighted to travel to Curtis for our initial production run and print trial and chat to the plant engineers to understand the process of proofing and printing. Everyone from the senior management team down to the lovely team that helped us pack and finish our cartons on the line were welcoming and excited to achieve a good end result. 

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