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Our Red Nose day of the 18th of March was greeted with passion from all the Curtis staff. For every item of red worn Curtis donated £10 and for every red nose a further £10. Steve Mallett visited KMI Brands wearing an eccentric RED bow tie and was delighted that they also joined in the spirit of the event with us raising £90. Ellas Kitchen also joined forces with Curtis which meant we were able to donate a further £180 on behalf of them to this deserving charity.

The keen bakers from the staff at Curtis namely Helen, Bridget & Jo baked cakes which the staff all donated money for the purchase of these treats . A huge thank you they were delicious but we have paid the price trying to shed the weight since!

The Curtis staff also entered a raffle … £5 per person to win two tickets for a West End show which Curtis funded. Paul our gluing minder was delighted to win these. I would like to say a huge sorry to Paul Harris for the phone call telling you that you had won only to find out it was the wrong Paul….

Including the £90 from KMI and the £180 for Ella’s, our raffle and cake sale we raised £999.84p.
So we have raised a cheque for £1000.00

Click here to visit KMI Red Nose Charity Blog

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